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We urge support of the levy

By Staff | Dec 4, 2015

We are residents of Jefferson County and have lived here since 1999. We most strongly endorse positive action on the School Levy issue. We have assisted with and watched our grandson (now in his junior year at Jefferson High School) move through the Jefferson County school system. He attended Shepherdstown Elementary and middle schools and received a solid education. He played in the Middle School Jazz Band that won state honors! He is currently active in AF ROTC and Cross Country programs at Jefferson.

We consider it of the most urgent and utmost necessity that Jefferson County residents vote to approve the Excess Levy! There is NO WAY that the Jefferson School System could absorb a 22 percent reduction in funding if the Excess Levy fails to pass on Dec. 12. We owe it to our families, our teachers and our community that this critical voting issue be APPROVED. If we want to be a growing and supportive community – we must have the very best school system that we can!

We urge Jefferson County residents to vote for APPROVAL of the School Levy.

Jack and Martha Young