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A note to Harmony friends

By Staff | Dec 11, 2015

With “sweet sorrow,” we bid you adieu.

After a decade of offering a myriad of yoga classes and many related healing modalities and services, the Harmony Healing Arts Center will “morph” into a new full-service yoga studio beginning Jan. 1, 2016. Along with the rest of the current staff, we will continue to teach yoga in the same New Street location as Harmony, but under the aegis of Renew Yoga.

Most of the current yoga classes will continue with little or no changes, and they will be augmented with additional classes taught by teachers from the existing Renew Yoga studio in Charles Town. We will keep a minimal Website “up” for a few months in the new year, referring queries to Liz Ward, owner of Renew Yoga, at: liz.ward@renewyogawv.com (telephone, 304-886-9692).

We wish to express gratitude to all who have patronized Harmony over the past decade and during its former “Shanti Saagar” days that preceded Harmony for three years. We would not have succeeded without your support. We also are grateful to the many healing-arts practitioners who donated their services to the community by offering hundreds of free classes, workshops or special events. That list is staggering, but at the top of it is Michelle DeStefano, Ann Craig, Dr. David Didden, Melanie Climis, Agi Fejer, Lucy Jenkins, Peggy Meckling, Jenna Newsome, Nancy and Jamie Gregory, Laura First, Don Oehser, Gena Rockwell, Cassie Bosley and the late Barbara Feldman.

It is not easy to give up something so dear to our hearts. But, we both look forward to being free from administering a studio and having more time to study and teach yoga.

As we, quite literally, pass the torch to Liz Ward, we feel confident that the new studio will continue to reflect the loving energy that all of you brought to Harmony.

May the light of yoga radiate on all, with clarity and gratitude.


Judy Jenner and Terry Lindsay