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Misinformed about levy

By Staff | Dec 11, 2015

I have been actively involved as a concerned Jefferson County citizen with ensuring our county citizens are totally informed about the importance of the upcoming voting initiative on Saturday, December 12th. It has been rewarding and refreshing to see so many citizens working so hard to ensure the important School Excess Levy in approved.

However, earlier this week I was distressed to receive a robo-call to my residence wherein the “canned message” requested that I vote against the School Excess Levy because if approved “my taxes would go up $1,000???”

The message went on to say that the call was sponsored by the Liberty Party and it cited a number to call for more information. When I tried to call that number, I received a message that the number was not in service! This message was a total misrepresentation of the facts related to this important school issue.

As an informed and an interested citizen YOU should ensure you have the true facts about the importance of the vote on Saturday. With the true facts I am confident you will vote to support our students, our teachers and our community!

Jack L. Young