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Let’s say thanks to our public servants

By Staff | Feb 5, 2016

Shepherdstown’s epic snow storm created some frazzled nerves as the realization sunk in that we were actually getting the 40.5″ that fell last weekend. For most of us living in our tiny historic town, we were able to snuggle in and watch the snow fall from the comfort of our warm homes.

Not so much for six of our Public Works employees and two of our Police Officers. Our streets were protected and plowed, nonstop, from Friday late afternoon until Sunday. Then they started loading the snow onto dump trucks and hauling it away. They are still working.

Frank Welch, Public Works Director, and his crew worked tirelessly, at one point they didn’t know what day it was.

As of Wednesday this was the over-time our guys put in:

Billy Grove, Ernie Mose, and David Newell – 82 hours each

Frank Welch and Brian Welch – 18.5 hours each

Gary McDonald – 12.5 hours

Our two standout police officers who brought their cots, sleeping bags and snacks to the Police Department, and camped out there from Friday through Sunday were Rick Cook and Casey Yonkers.

As of Wednesday their over-time:

Officer Rick Cook – 55 hours

Officer Casey Yonkers – 48 hours

**A special thanks goes out to the Shepherdstown Fire Department for feeding these guys!**

Sarah Carter had a lovely idea to do something personal for all of their hard work. She and I have had many people from town ask what they could do. I discussed this with Frank, after he got some sleep, and this is what we came up with. Anyone who would like to donate money we will divide it evenly between the above staff and purchase gift certificates/cards to specific eateries/etc., for the individual workers.

If you are interested in donating, you can drop off, cash or check, at Town Hall, Retropolitan (123 D South Duke Street -if the shop is closed slip it through the mail slot), Specialty Business Supplies (South Princess Street),text me at 540-336-4737, mail it to me (Lori Robertson) PO Box 236. If you need to write a check, make it out to me, Lori Robertson ( I’m doing this as a grateful resident, not as the Recorder).

We will be accept donations for two weeks -through Feb. 15. Please let your neighbors know who are not on FB. Thanks!

These (gift cards/certificates) are just a very small token of a very small town’s enormous appreciation for the dedication of the town crew and police officers to this community. They are one of our best assets . Thank you for keeping Sheperdstown safe, clean and a wonderful place to live all year long.

Sarah Carter and Lori Robertson