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To the voters of Jefferson County

By Staff | Apr 29, 2016

I have had the opportunity to know Erica Logan and her husband, and children for a number of years. Erica has always been informed, prepared and willing to listen to anyone who gives input. She is what I call an informed decision-maker, and is very passionate about the education of students in the Jefferson County School System.

The Jefferson County Board of Education has many challenges ahead including increased school enrollment, budgetary cuts, a reduction of state aid, achievement gap, retention of quality teachers and better salaries for teachers and service personnel. I believe Erica has the talent and skills to face these challenges and make sound decisions on behalf of the students and school personnel.

Erica ‘s unending efforts are evidence of her dedication to the quality of life in our community. She has constantly encouraged others to get involved in community activities. She believes it is important to make our county a safe and better place to live.

This endorsement would not be complete if I did not mention that regardless of who is elected, he or she has a sworn duty to be responsible stewards of the money entrusted to her or him through the budgetary process. Do not forget the taxpayers! Also being too free or too frugal with the money presents its own set of problems that, in the long run, can be detrimental.

This endorsement is not meant to denigrate the incumbents running for the Board of Education election. They have served graciously. However, the time has come to pass the torch for new ideas and decision making.

Erica is person who is honest, reliable, hardworking and, most importantly, dedicated. I hope you will support Erica’s efforts to be elected to the Board of Education. I believe she will represent our community with integrity.

Larry Togans

Former member of the Jefferson County Board of Education