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The irony…the thanks

By Staff | May 9, 2016

The Irony: Hundreds of Earth Day revelers at Morgan’s Grove Park were listening to music, eating and drinking, listening to lectures and just talking about the environment while…

The Thanks: 17 volunteers spent two hours and picked up litter and trash on six miles of the Rt. 45/480 Bypass, Morgan’s Grove Road and Gardners Lane while two reserve police officers slowed down traffic as the volunteers were walking the rroads.

The Adopt-a-Highway cleanup on Saturday, April 30 was a huge success. Our 17 volunteers worked for hours in the effort and collected 30 bags of trash on the Rt. 45/480 Bypass, Morgan’s Grove Road and Gardners Lane. This effort was done safely thanks to Reserve officers James Hoffman and Robert Juarez of the Sheriff’s Department who patrolled alongside the volunteers to make motorists aware of our presence on the roadsides.

When you see one of the following volunteers, please give them a big “Thanks” for making such a clean impact on our community:

Troop #33 Boy Scouts: Scott Anderson, Joe Anderson, Jack Tennant, Jackson Tennant, Sam Wabnitz, Steve Wabnitz, Louie Wabnitz, Ben Kessler, Isaac Kessler, Tabor Dagg.

Community Volunteers: Mary Kay Anderson, Kathy Anderson, John Amos, Linda Wilson, Terry Wilson, Katie Goldsmith, Mike Goldsmith, Garrett Goldsmith, Katrina Lanham, Ashley Lanham, Harry Barr.

Reserve Officers: James Hoffman, Robert Juarez.


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