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A response to Mr. O’Brien’s Wise Guyde column

By Staff | May 27, 2016

I am sure I speak for most of The Cafe Society’s regular attendees when I say, we would Love to have you [Mr. O’Brien] attend any Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. After you wrote your column of May 20, you did learn, I’m sure, that the Cafe Society had already scheduled a discussion of the possibilities and reasons for Hillary’s VP choice.

I will also add that both full discussions involved questions of love, so to speak: What does it mean to love America? What kind of choices by each nominee show the proper “love” for all of America’s citizens? Who are unloved the most in these United States and why?

Attend, please, and I know we will bring up your topic as a discussion possibility, at least. I may anyway. It is a great kaleidoscopic topic—I will ask what capitalizing the word does to its meanings, for example. What the Beatles wrote after “All You Need is Love.” What love Gandhi left out of his autobiography.

Although Hafiz has not (yet) been quoted at any sessions I have attended, Rumi has. “I have spent my whole life/knocking to get in/one day it hit me/I was/already inside.” (Possibly reworked in memory.)


Mark Kohut