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Outraged by editorial

By Staff | Jun 20, 2016

I was outraged by the editorial in the June 3, 2016 issue of the Chronicle titled “Knowing and abiding by laws of the road.”

A speed limit, as I understand it, is the maximum safe posted speed on a road. It is the LIMIT of how fast one should drive on a given road.

Although I live in Sharpsburg, I drive Route 480 two to three times a week between Shepherdstown and Charles Town, where I volunteer at Jefferson County Community Ministries. Route 480 is a winding, hilly road with animal traffic in the morning and the evening. In fact, I came across a deer that had just been hit at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Although in places the speed limit is 55 mph, I am often reluctant to go that fast, especially in bad weather and at night. Does that make me a bad driver? I think not.

With all the issues in our community, state and country, it bothers me that an editorial is written to complain about not being able to drive as fast as one wishes. Leave a bit earlier!


Stephanie A. Jamieson

Sharpsburg, Maryland