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By Staff | Jun 27, 2016

The ghosts of Shepherds-town have been around for a very long time–causing some mischief, some amusement and some fear.

During the 1960s and ’70s, I lived in town for almost 10 years; in Mrs. Day’s old house, on the corner of Church and Fairmont, while going to Shepherd; on Princess Street, when I was first married, and in a great apartment on German Street, when I moved back to town in 1972.

I had a painting studio on the third floor of the Register Building for five years (1972-78) and there was a ghost. Sometimes when I was alone late at night, it was a little unnerving, but no need to call the police, for heaven’s sake.

There were funny, strange and scary occurances, happening in other town buildings and homes, of course; but to my knowledge no one called the police. And, if they did, there was no big deal, nor publicity.

Many of the ghosts had names; they were just accepted; no one tried to make money off of them.

They were expected and accepted, because as everyone seems to know, Shepherdstown was practically one huge hospital after the Battle of Antietam. Wounded soldiers and others, who didn’t die on the battlefield were brought to town- many had limbs amputated, and/or died here.

So, if we refer to battlefields as “hallow ground” then should we not refer to Shepherdstown as Hallow Ground?

Diana Suttenfield