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Roads need action now

By Staff | Jul 15, 2016

Last week we found repainted traffic lines on Shepherd Grade Road. We were quite pleased, since this road carries a lot of traffic. More than that, though, was proof that the county highway department had not forgotten about this road. Its condition would tell any observer that it may indeed have been long forgotten.

A drive of just one mile will find you bumping over badly decayed paving. And many fissures along the way might persuade you to bring fly fishing equipment! [Well, I guess not.]

Many months ago, a bit of resurfacing had been done at the entrance to Cress Creek Golf Club. New paving of perhaps 100 feet dressed the entrance, giving us a bit of respite on the remaining drive to our house. Just beyond that, however, we returned to our familiar bumping efforts to avoid the worst parts of this road. Our gravel lane truly gives a better drive than many sections of Shepherd Grade Road.

We recognize budgeting for all country-wide services can be problematic. Yet, letting this road, and perhaps others, deteriorate even further, will be more costly. We suggest action now, rather than much grief later.

Paul Chalfant