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Grateful for all of the local support

By Staff | Jul 22, 2016

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude to the many individuals in the community who have come forward to help advance Shepherd University’s mission during these financially challenging times.

It comes as no surprise to me that so many residents–alumni and non-alumni alike–have volunteered their time, talent, counsel and goodwill to improve the university that they love.

A Friends of Popodicon group has volunteered to restore the gardens and to develop a plan for changes and improvements to the interior of this lovely and historic building on West Campus.

An alumna led the charge and contributed her talent to enhance the dining hall experience for our students, faculty, staff and visiting friends.

We are involved in outreach projects with the mayor, town and merchants, who are wonderful partners with Shepherd on new public-private initiatives that are mutually beneficial.

Our local clergy and religious organizations have pledged their continued support of our students by providing activities, meals and lodging for those students who are unable to go home during breaks, as well as providing a warm and welcoming community for students who are new to the area.

Community leaders are using their personal connections to obtain access to key players in industry, government and business, allowing Shepherd to initiate new projects and build stronger partnerships for educational opportunities for our students.

During the devastating flooding in other parts of the state in June, Shepherd joined together with the town of Shepherdstown to serve as a drop-off point for donations.

Additionally, the university established a student emergency relief fundraising initiative to aid our students who live in the flood-ravaged areas. We thank the many community members who aided both of these relief efforts.

With the kindness of friends like this, Shepherd University will be able to train the next generation of leaders and model citizens–who witnessed the importance of giving back to the community during times of critical need.

With sincere gratitude,

Mary J.C. Hendrix

President of Shepherd University