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SCC Book Sale — Don’t Miss it!

By Staff | Oct 7, 2016

Each year a number of dedicated people in our community spend a considerable amount of time gathering books from all corners of the Eastern Panhandle for the Shepherdstown Community Club book sale which is coming up on Oct. 13-15. I have been privileged to be part of that effort in my own small way sharing in the manifold discoveries and surprises that often result. Despite the rude and overpowering onset of the computer world, internet and all-things electronic that now demand our attention books still, and always will have their place. There is something reassuring in their tactile presence in your hand, the heft, the smell, the permanence that commands your attention and compels you to read on to turn the page and pursue the line of thought that they inspire.

I pride myself in knowing many in our community in all walks of life and circumstance, but never cease to appreciate the special affinity that results when I am invited in to the inner-confidence of some family who selflessly donate their books. It is almost with reverence that I open a box or bag that has been contributed to find the selection of tomes therein. The mix of books provide subtle hints of the quest the previous owners went through to gain knowledge, or insight, or in some cases, just a flight fancy to explore realms not otherwise available to them. In some cases when we receive portions of someone’s library and thoughtfully view the treasures that once held particular meaning for them — enough to have a secure space on their shelves, you sense a special bond of shared experiences and aspirations. It is eloquent testimony to the values and interests that they held and where their inquisitive minds took them.

So what you will find on the tables at the War Memorial Building next week will be the result of this year’s arduous gathering ineffort: thick and thin, old and new, covering every conceivable subject, in some cases unique bounty that only you will be able to appreciate. I encourage you to go, spend a few unhurried moments and look for yourself. It is a fund-raiser of course, but much more than that. I am possessive about books, and am confident that you will experience that compulsion as well. We will regard our efforts an unqualified success, if you give even a few of them a new home.


Mike Austin