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Kudos to Jack Snyder

By Staff | Oct 24, 2016

To the residents of Shepherdstown and beyond, let us now recognize Mr. Jack Snyder, long a member of the local community. In 1998 or so, Mr. Snyder started the long, arduous and bureaucratic process that led to Shepherdstowns’ acquisition and historic preservation of its train station.

A federal grant was applied for and received and by 2000, after years of neglect and deterioration, the station was back in business, as an event


Where would Shepherdstown be without its much loved train station? Home to more birthday parties, weddings, art exhibits, fundraisers, dances and exercise classes than could ever be counted, even a cloth diaper folding competition.

Thank you, Jack Snyder!

The Shepherdstown community thanks you for saving the Station at Shepherdstown.

We are all better off for your efforts. They will not be soon forgotten.


The Board of Directors of the Station at Shepherdstown