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Not willing to move on

By Staff | Dec 9, 2016

These are indeed tumultuous and trying times. However, while I fundamentally agree with your sentiment that we must strive to take the high road and spread kindness instead of vitriol, I take exception to your suggestion that “the dye is cast and we need to accept that and move on.”

If we recall our general American history lessons, we remember that, should our forefathers have merely shrugged their shoulders and accepted the hand dealt to them, the democracy we are privileged to live in today may not even exist. Likewise there are multiple examples on record of citizens who recognized an injustice and actively worked to change the parameters. Where would our civilization be today if those brave citizens who spearheaded the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage and the voting rights movement simply resigned themselves to the status quo?

We unbelievably have a president-elect who has (among many injustices) openly belittled veterans and prisoners of war, degraded women to the value of their physical attributes, dismissed an entire religion as “terrorists,” mocked people with disabilities, characterized Hispanics as rapists and freeloaders, chose a vice president that believes in gay conversion therapy and has an adviser who is an active white nationalist. As someone who believes that America is the home of “liberty and justice for all,” this is not a cast dye that I’m willing to accept and move on from.


Amber Kodges