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If it’s Tuesday, why aren’t you at Cafe Society?

By Staff | Jan 16, 2017

That the world is a global village is one phrase that comes to mind when I think about Cafe Society. A village—think from where you live. Just a week ago we had a full room talking about the uniqueness of Shepherdstown. We need to do it again, maybe with an invited Devil’s Advocate. We will be talking about our recent local and state elections soon. Some come from Maryland, a semi-regular exploring so much the University offers in the Lifelong Learning events. A doctor who gave us a lot of her experience with the opioid epidemic in our larger—4State– area.

Global because we talk about national and international issues. Russia, and therefore the US, this week, for example. Another was human trafficking with the volunteer heroes who fight it.

Why get up early and come if you don’t like talking in public? You can learn something if you just listen; you can have your mind changed; you can learn how your fellow townies think and learn from their articulated experience–and that varied experience is a great strength of Shepherdstown residents. You’ll know other human beings better.

Prove it, you say? Okay, I remember the Tuesday we discussed terrorism. There were a handful of students present at this one. A question was asked: How many here think terrorism is an existential threat (in America)? The older folks thought not; the young thought yes. The next week the Paris terrorist attack happened. Suddenly I knew, not the “right’ answer but how and why a younger generation felt differently than I did.

I can remember the two regulars who kept asking if Trump could win during at least three election discussions we had. Most of us thought not. I thought and said HELL NO, basically. I learned I was wrong.

I learned about how bad was the life of many Americans, not least during the drug crisis discussions. I learned about the working and financial hardships of many fellow citizens; I learned about Brexit from a former Brit who was there when the vote happened. Someone told me how wonderful was a quote in something I sent around–not my own quote.

Cafe Society meets in our town, at the Rumsey Room of the Student Center of the University. Every Tuesday, 8:30 to 10 a.m. and globally, now on Facebook. Go to Cafe Society of Shepherdstown. Ask to join. All will be admitted. You do not even have to be on Facebook to read the posts. Get background research for discussions. Ask about parking, always a problem, and group members will guide you. Comment in any way Facebook allows.

Tell others. Let’s get the attention of the mainstream media. After all, the new direction of news-finding is to go into “real America.” If we are, let’s show it.

Mark Kohut