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Response to Mr. George Anderson’s letter in Friday March 3 issue

By Staff | Mar 10, 2017

It is understandable that Mr. Anderson was angry that someone took his Trump sign from his yard, a sign he said he proudly displayed.

Nevertheless, as Mr. Anderson does not know who took the sign, he cannot know whether or not that person is a “narrow minded bigot” or an “intolerant person” as he accuses. It might have been a person who goes around town, randomly knocking down mailboxes and street signs, with no political agenda at all.

One more thing. The fact is that “most Americans” do not have “hope” in Trump. Hillary Clinton received almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump. Trump was elected by the electoral college – barely. He garnered 306 electoral votes – or 56.9 percent. Among all U.S. presidents he came in 46th out of 58. Presidents’ historical average of Electoral College votes is 70.9 percent. His victory was not a landslide; there is no mandate; American voters who did not support Trump are not the “minority.”

Susan Brown