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Jefferson Co. reneging on retiree promise

By Staff | Jun 16, 2017

I grew up in Shepherdstown and went to school in Jefferson county for grades K-12. I recently have become aware that the Jefferson County Board of Education is planning on going back on a commitment to retired teachers for administering their dental and optical plan.

I find this course of action unconscionable given the tradition and history of Jefferson County honoring retirees with local benefits. If the administration of these benefits is removed, many of the teachers who were dedicated for years (and who stayed local instead of going out of state for higher salaries) to provide me and tens of thousands of other children a good education will be impacted negatively with increased premiums and reduced coverage.

Not only is the reversing of this promise to my teachers underhanded and unnecessarily cruel, it also reeks of mismanagement at the School Board. They approved and hired a person last year partially to administer this plan. What is this person going to do now? How are Jefferson County’s tax dollars actually being spent?

The people who will be impacted the most if this change happens are the children. If the board displays this level of indifferent negligence to commitments made to current and future retirees, the teachers of Jefferson County will feel less valued as educators and human beings and will have just one more reason to look elsewhere in today’s competitive marketplace. And who will suffer when there is no one left to teach? I think the answer is obvious.

John Keller

Frederick, Maryland