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Knowledge is Power for Reproductive Rights

By Staff | Aug 25, 2017

Shepherd University is a campus that actively strives to provide an environment of diversity and acceptance for all its students. But even with all of the amazing and dedicated organizations that Shepherd University has to offer, in 2016, I noticed something was still missing.

As the Founding President of Shepherd University’s Chapter of Students for Reproductive Justice (SFRJ), I am given a unique opportunity as a young leader. Because I am closely surrounded by thousands of my peers, I can show other young people how to advocate for their own health and reproductive rights. Healthcare was something I always had a hard time understanding until someone just took the time to explain it to me. When they did, I saw that something had to be changed, and so I began my work to do so. My main job as President is to do the students of Shepherd the same thing that my mentors have done for.

With reproductive rights being taken away every day by the current government, it is imperative that the next generation is filled with educated, informed, and impassioned young men and women willing to fight to bring back protections that every person deserves. Groups like SFRJ, in partnership with Planned Parenthood, provide pertinent information and vital reports that allow for the age group that many of these new laws effect to be in the know. SFRJ also often acts as a support group for people who want to get more involved in this fight, and show them exactly how to do so. Allowing students to stand up to the current system, and firm in their beliefs, creates a generation that practices the democracy this country was founded on to its fullest extent. I hope to do my part in making that future a reality.

Tessa Chafin

President of SU Students for Reproductive Justice