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‘We Were Not There!’

By Staff | Aug 25, 2017

The West Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), (a 501c3 organization,) condemns the recent violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Sons of Confederate Veterans are the true keepers of the memory and history of the southern soldiers. In our 121 years we have never been involved in any physical confrontation with those that disagree with our cause and purpose. Our 100,000 member organization consists of all races, creeds and, nationalities as did the confederate military during 1861-1865.

Our members were in no way, shape or, form associated with the groups involved in Saturday’s melee. We were not there! We do advocate for the preservation of our confederate ancestors’ good name and the truth as to why they went to war. We are historians of fact and not emotion. We will defend their good name and fight to protect the memorials our grandparents erected by the sweat of their brow, time, and, financially by collecting pennies and dimes to erect these monuments. They did so in order to show their respect for their fathers, brothers and sons that fought to defend family and hearth against overwhelming odds.

We believe this State’s most famous hero, Lt. General Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jacksons’ monument in Charleston is now in danger. General Jackson did not own slaves! Records show the only one slave associated to Jackson was immediately set free. In contrary to the laws of the time Jackson openly supported both financially and personally the education of black church members in Lexington. To desecrate this monument to his memory is nothing more than utter hatred for an internationally recognized military man.

Paul Williams


West Virginia Division

Sons of Confederate Veterans