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Repeal of Helmet Law Could Help Economy

By Staff | Sep 1, 2017

It is a well known fact that the economy in West Virginia needs help. Our legislature has discussed several options in the past, including increasing taxes and fees paid by our residents. Firmly, I believe there are other solutions to the fledgling revenues our state is dealing with.

One option that has continually been brought up is the repeal of the current motorcycle helmet law is West Virginia. Currently, there are several groups of individuals (business men, lawyers, doctors, etc) that would like to take advantage of the 15 scenic roads/highways located on the West Virginia Register. This does not include the many side/back roads that we have to offer.

Morgantown is the home of the Mountain Fest Motorcycle Rally each year, and attendance could be doubled, by bringing out of state riders into the state if our current helmet laws were abolished or changed.

I recently took a road trip to Uniontown, Pennsylvania, to shop at a retail establishment that has an outlet locally. The trip to Uniontown was 56 miles instead of the usual 15 miles to my local store. The trip was a Great Ride because I was not required to wear a helmet on most of the route. We ate, and purchased gasoline for a total cost of $96. Imagine, that money could have been spent in our local economy.

Our Legislature should consider joining 37 other states and repeal the current helmet law. The repeal would increase the states revenues considerably, and taxpayers would not suffer increased taxes or fees.

Jeffrey L. Stewart