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Book Sale Will Be Best One Yet

By Staff | Oct 6, 2017

Is Shepherdstown the “biggest” book town for its size north of Washington, D.C.? That city itself is judged the fourth best per capita book city in the U.S., PBS Newshour said last week and we know there are many commuters in our town and many no longer commuting daily who can’t stop reading.

Shepherdstown has long supported a good independent bookshop. That bookshop seems to have author events as often as many bookstores in D.C. or even NYC.

The Sept. 29 edition of The Chronicle had a great story on a long-lived local poetry writing and reading group. I say that if we can support poetry as we do – arguably the fountainhead of all writing – then we are THE premier Book Town north of everywhere. South too.

The library, with its long tradition of FOSL support including the dinner we also read about last week, gets more new books every month than one could have time to read. As well as having one of the most impressive general collections-and a per size leader circulation in the region. No wonder the new library campaign is so successful!

A long-time resident recently speculated that she had no idea of the number of ongoing Book Groups there are in our town; “many” as the ‘who’s counting?’ answerers answer. I’ve been in one online for over a decade and I know the rewards. I’ve just been invited to one in Shepherdstown too.

And, not least, this town supports two major Book Sales a year, all-donated books, only matched by Arlington, Virginia, locally, some quick research shows. That is quietly making the case, I suggest.

The first Little Free Library has opened on East High Street – visit it! It won’t be the last as the Shepherdstown Community Club is working with a local Boy Scout Troop to make more. Residents and tourists who walk German Street have seen all summer and early fall the free books in front of the War Memorial Building; the slightly damaged, the outdated, the previously loved – which are on offer.

The SCC has received more books than ever before for this year’s upcoming Book Sale, two storage units full. We expect it will be our best Book Sale ever as we have nothing but good saleable books left!

The Book Sale will take place Oct. 12-15, see the calendar and ads in The Chronicle. We offer so many books for barely above free that you can buy all your holiday presents, next year’s birthday presents for everybody and more books than you can read before the next sale!

And this year, you will have the chance to buy a donation to good causes of our – your – books for less than you think. We were always heartened to hear how often those who gave us books were glad they were going to a worthy cause.

With great music playing all day, plan your multiple visits well.

Mark Kohut and Nancy Stewart

SCC Book Gatherers