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PFFWV supports ‘Roads to Prosperity Amendment’

By Staff | Oct 6, 2017

The Professional Fire Fighters of West Virginia (PFFWV) has officially endorsed the Roads to Prosperity Amendment, the governor’s road bond plan that will be voted on during a special election Oct. 7.

“As fire responders, we answer the call of duty day or night, and often that means traveling on roads and bridges that are in bad shape. Their deteriorating condition risks the safety of our emergency vehicles and our fire fighters,” said PFFWV President Brian Jones. “It’s a no-brainer to us that we need to support this road bond amendment. We hope the people we protect every day will support it with us. West Virginia needs a dramatic improvement of its infrastructure – the public’s safety demands it.”

The PFFWV is in Charleston for its fall training summit, where firefighters from all over West Virginia are convening for a combination of union and job-related skills instruction.

Jones said reports indicate that West Virginia has the fifth-worst bridges in America, and only 17 percent of roads are in good condition.

“Think about the impact that damaged roads have on the average car. Now imagine what they can do to a fire truck or ambulance,” Jones said. “Our ability to keep the public safe rests in our ability to respond to accidents as quickly and safely as possible. We need this amendment to pass so the state can overhaul our roads and bridges.”

Jones added that as part of the larger AFL-CIO organization, the PFFWV also sees the opportunity in the road bond amendment to provide more employment opportunities for West Virginians.

“We all know how important it is to get more West Virginians working,” Jones said. “People often say the best social program is a job. So I hope the voters realize what an incredible opportunity they have with this special election. People need to support the road bond amendment and give West Virginia the chance to change its future for the better.”

The Professional Fire Fighters of West Virginia