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Supporting Morrisey for Senate

By Staff | Feb 16, 2018

Dear Editor,

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin says one thing and does another.

It was reported that he had promised Vice President Pence he would support President Trump’s tax cuts, then voted NO on President Trump’s tax cuts. In doing so, he sided with Senator Chuck Schumer.

Now, to protect Washington politicians like himself, he has put forward a pledge to try to stop Senators from campaigning against one another. But Joe Manchin’s record shows he hasn’t even kept his own pledge in the past. In fact, Joe Manchin’s PAC gave money to a Democratic politician challenging the incumbent Kentucky Republican senator in the 2014 election. It’s time to drain the swamp, which is why I’m supporting conservative Patrick Morrisey for Senate. He is pro-coal, pro-gun, pro-life and pro-Trump!


Kenny Brooks