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Attacks on AG are ridiculous

By Staff | Mar 16, 2018

I am disgusted by the recent attacks on Patrick Morrisey. Patrick has been the most pro-life Attorney General our state has ever had, and now there are people claiming he has ties to Planned Parenthood? Seriously?

While Senator Manchin was posing for pictures with the Planned Parenthood butchers, Patrick was on the front lines, fighting against abortions. West Virginians for Life has endorsed Patrick because he has had a consistent, clear, anti-abortion position. Meanwhile, Joe Manchin has a 33 percent lifetime rating from the group, and in 1998 Evan Jenkins received an abysmal 50 percent rating from the group. Manchin and Jenkins have failed to stand for life.

Patrick has also lead the charge against the opioid epidemic in our state. It was Patrick’s plan that has been endorsed by law enforcement and health professionals. Things are tough now, but Patrick’s substance abuse fighting unit is making strides toward ending this evil that has been plaguing our state.

Betty DeHaven