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Open letter to Commissioners

By Staff | Apr 6, 2018

Dear Commissioners Compton, Hudson, Noland, Onoszko and Tabb:

On behalf of Jefferson County residents and all library patrons, current and future, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for having the vision to allocate such a significant percentage of available county capital funds to the new library project in Shepherdstown. With this critical funding, you are acknowledging in the best way possible just how much this project will contribute to the quality of life for our citizens and the sustained economic strength of our county, one of the fastest-growing and most prosperous in the state.

The County Commission’s generosity brings the total raised to date for the new library project to $2.8 million in gifts and pledges, leaving only $150,000 needed to reach the $2.95 million construction goal. In April, we plan to paint all but five of the remaining spines on our outdoor book-o-meter, and we are hopeful the county commissioners will be able to join us as guest artists as we colorfully celebrate the one-year anniversary of taking our campaign public.

On behalf of the directors of the Jefferson County libraries Bolivar-Harpers Ferry, Charles Town, Shepherdstown and South Jefferson thank you for maintaining our current level of funding for day-to-day operations. With this essential allocation of county funding, we can continue to provide quality services to our patrons who rely on local libraries for free and unhindered access to books, computers, safe after-school environments, job resources and literacy programs. We will also now be able to retain our existing hours of operation. In this time of economic reform and difficult budgetary decisionmaking, we are grateful that you recognize the importance of public libraries as community strongholds.

Hali Taylor