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Thanks for article

By Staff | Apr 6, 2018

Dear Shepherdstown Chronicle,

I want to thank the Shepherdstown Chronicle for the wonderful article about The Bodice Project, written by Vanessa McGuigan, in the March 23 issue! The headline was perfect: “Bringing Back the Humanity.”

The Bodice Project has been a huge effort by our Board of Directors: Kathryn Stella, Elise Baach, Kerstin Budlong, Robert Mahaffey and Amy Childers. We are a hardworking board and we would not be where we are if not for this dedicated group. And I would like to thank our angel advocate, Mary J. C. Hendrix, President of Shepherd University. This amazing opportunity is all due to her belief in TBP.

We also have a talented and generous Advisory Board, which includes Josh Stella, Bradley Sanders, Joan Bontempo, Rhonda Smith, Sonya Evanisko, Kathryn Burns, Jan Hafer, Sylvia Ellsworth, Lori Robertson, Bernardine Somers and Wendy Baracka.

And, thank you, the community of Shepherdstown! You are so kind and supportive! I want to acknowledge our supporters, which are far too many to name. TBP would not be at the precipice of a national platform if not for this amazing community. We are all deeply grateful to everyone who has supported us in this project.

I have never experienced such a magnificent effort, supported by such a magnificent community. Thank you, Shepherdstown! We are all so deeply grateful.

Most sincerely,

Cynthia Fraula-Hahn

President, The Bodice Project

The Bodice Project.org