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Attacks on Donna Joy are uncalled for

By Staff | May 4, 2018

Today’s democracy upheld needs you-Each one, each one’s genuine self brought forth.

To hold in store wishes for good or bad to affect as any one prays or even works for is desecratious to all in these times. To feel morose at times is healthy, unbelievably so for the disbelief that is rampant today. For individuals to spread malicious rumors-that is gossip at best, heresy more accurately.

Ill-will of any kind kills. It can produce reactions so destructive that persons do not wish to participate in civic responsibilities, such as voting every election for every office.

The hate-mongers of computer anti-life culture have been so strong that respectable, hardworking citizens are beginning to say, “I don’t even want to vote, let alone run.” This happened this week, when the best-qualified candidate for school board was not endorsed by petty politics persons representing teachers and their support staff unions.

Pettiness has no place in honest disclosure, honest discussion for real solutions based upon integrative, interrelated factual abilities for observable progress.

Donna Joy was beaten down-treated like pulp fiction material, despite being the only candidate with heart enough to run and say “I care. I wish to help, even without any qualifications.” God bless those who care. All must care. Our children, families and community deserve and need to participate in demonstrating such.

Failure to discuss detailed programs and policies due to petty politics goes against research-based, life-giving principles applied daily in our public schools, for each child to know that they matter, each to be more successful in school and beyond for their application.

I give endorsement, accolades for her successful endeavors as a 30-year veteran in the school system and as a teacher extraordinaire with five degrees, despite “being on her own” since 16 years old.

Join us in welcoming Donna Joy, by voting for her and supporting her future actions as an American success story. Donna Joy, school board associate member, president-to-be for all her excellent concrete concepts to be put into place for betterment of our kids and families, students of all ages for progress with the most bang for the buck of all candidates-especially with Charleston politics today revealing its need for a resource specialist like Donna Joy.

This is not a paid-for political advertisement. No way. This is a righteous person of God supporting another righteous person of God with a focus on measurable results. Those results will lead needed change not only for Jefferson County, but also possibly for state- and nation-wide results-based positive endeavors for literally – and certainly scholastically – lifting kids and families out of poverty.

Get the monkey off peoples’ backs for the abuse – barbiturate, opioid or other – that computer society backs, without the already known variable of addiction that ruins families’ and childrens’ health, capabilities and potential for success.

This must be stopped! Interrelated, research-based evidence is here now! Utilize such to put an end to addictions before they start, with preventative measures applied now.

Vote Donna Joy for school board, master of many disciplines and degrees, for specializing and edifying for tomorrow must begin today. Every second counts. Every life matters. Vote Donna Joy, best candidate, best by far results to be!

Elizabeth Speerstra, Shepherdstown

Retired public school occupational therapist from Montana, Idaho, Washington state, Maine and West Virginia