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Egalitarianism is the only true democracy

By Staff | May 4, 2018

It is a well-known fact and “little-known” idea that the Democratic Party, the one largely adhered to and subscribed to by women, is the “feminine,” less warlike political party.

It has been described as “weak,” “soft,” “socialistic,” in favor of welfare for all beings, free and equal education, women’s rights over their bodies, equal job opportunities. You know: female and sissy.

Is it any coincidence that in 1972, the Democratic National Party was “broken into” by the strong, hawklike, war-liking, efficient, tough, corporate-backing – you know: male – and admirable party under Nixon? And presently, that the hacking breakin of the Democratic National Committee’s emails in 2016 (aided and abetted by the GOP?) is yet another demonstration of male dominance in order to destroy the authenticity of the Democratic Party?

Women are more empathetic than most men, which means they are more tolerant, more understanding and not as guarded, and are therefore more open and susceptible to being used. I see each of these incidents of the Republican Party “breaking into” the Democratic National Party, in 1972 and now, as male-dominance assault. Not a coincidence. Rather, another repetition.

Will we ever grow into our human capacities? There is more than enough to go around. I propose we move toward egalarchy: neither patriarchy nor matriarchy. I think egalitarianism is the only true democracy. This country was founded upon the rights of each of us to be free.

Donna Graham