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Send John Doyle back to Charleston

By Staff | Oct 26, 2018

Although I’ve moved away from Shepherdstown, when I heard John Doyle was running for the House of Delegates, I felt I must share what I know about the man.

John has a record of proven effectiveness. Not only has he shown he can deliver legislation that benefits his district, but he’s also shown the courage to stand up to the legislature when the need arises. At times, he was the only person to take a stand for what he thought was best for his constituents.

I’ve volunteered on many campaigns in my adult life, and I can honestly say this about John Doyle — I have never known an elected official who knew the issues as thoroughly as John. We all know the facts that back up our opinions, but John has always made sure to know both sides.

I encourage the citizens of Jefferson County to send John Doyle back to Charleston.

Tom Cook, of White Oak, Pennsylvania