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Vote for Chris Wilkes

By Staff | Oct 26, 2018

I’m writing to ask you to inform your readers about the non-partisan election of two new West Virginia Supreme Court judges on Nov. 6, particularly Division One on the ballot. It has 10 candidates, including our Eastern Panhandle Chief Justice of the 23rd District, Chris Wilkes. All of his opponents live in the Charleston or Southern West Virginia area. If we Eastern Panhandle voters turn out and stick together and vote for Judge Wilkes, we could possibly elect the first state justice from our area since the late 1800s, I’ve been told!

Chris Wilkes has served our Eastern Panhandle counties for 25 years, the last 10 as Chief Judge. This circuit is the largest in the state. None of his opponents are even nearly as experienced. Chris has also developed a statewide business dispute court for which he is known nationally. Check out his website for more information.

It’s way past time for us in the Eastern Panhandle to straighten out the Charleston mess that has become a national embarrassment! Chris can serve the whole state!

Phil Cox, of Shepherdstown