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Rockwool — independent design review required

By Staff | Jan 11, 2019

When a large industrial facility such as the proposed Rockwool factory in Ranson is designed, it is standard, normal good engineering practice for the construction documents to be reviewed by an independent, qualified architectural engineering firm which specializes in similar industrial facilities.

The Jefferson County Commission, Jefferson County Development Authority or the City of Ranson should retain an independent architectural engineering firm to carry out the design review.

The design review will ensure that the factory meets all the applicable federal, state, local and industry design standards, codes and requirements.

The factory will be built based on the construction documents, which should include the following: drawings, specifications, basis of design, design calculations, operational procedures, safety manual and material safety data sheets. (The factory will use and store toxic chemicals and hazardous materials. The materials need to be identified and quantified. Material safety data sheets are required so that employees, local residents, schools and first responders can properly plan, prepare and be equipped to respond in case of chemical accidents or spill.)

The design review process consists of the independent architectural engineering firm examining the construction documents developed by the factory designers. The design review process should include the following steps:

The independent architectural engineering firm reviews the construction documents developed by the facility designers.

The firm identifies the design deficiencies, errors and omissions contained in the construction documents.

The firm details the design deficiencies in a written report.

The firm meets with the facility designers and they agree on the items to add, change and correct in the construction documents.

The firm reviews the construction documents again to verify that the facility designers have revised them and incorporated all the agreed to changes.

Permits and approvals to start construction of the Rockwool factory should not be issued until the independent architectural engineering firm has reviewed the construction documents and confirmed that the Rockwool factory is safe to construct and operate.

Gavin Perry, Architect, LEED AP, of Shenandoah Junction