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SCC member concerned over leadership upheaval

By Staff | Dec 6, 2019

I read with sadness the Nov. 2 article, titled “SCC board members resign after heated meeting.” I was present at the meeting and do agree that it was heated. I hope that some members at that evening will apologize to the four outgoing board members. I hope the four outgoing board members will also continue to support the club.

I came to this meeting with little knowledge of what was happening with the club and park, but have since spoken to both a current board member and an outgoing board member. The most important thing to say right now, is that no one wants to sell the park for commercial purposes. Both the outgoing and incoming board members are committed to keeping Morgan’s Grove Park a park.

As a Shepherdstown resident of more than 30 years, I value the War Memorial Building and Morgan’s Grove Park as integral parts of our community. The Shepherdstown Community Club and its members are also shining stars. “Shepherdstonians” have been blessed with a board that did the lion’s share of the work to take care of the building, maintain membership rolls, update the website and run fundraisers and club dinners.

We are again faced with the responsibility of taking care of both the building and park. I believe there are enough of us in Shepherdstown who share a passion for the sustainability of both, that we can rise to the occasion and find a way to support them. I am a CPA and am volunteering bookkeeping services to the board for the transition ahead. SCC will need members, donors and volunteers to make this work. So, what will you do to support SCC?

If 500 households will step forward with $120 each for just $10 a month, we can raise $60,000 to help sustain the organization and its assets. As an accountant, I see that taking on the maintenance of the park will likely double the club’s annual budget, which was $55,000 last year. Membership dues collected in 2018 totaled $4,080. Donations in 2018 totaled $16,560, including special fundraising for the Ash Tree Fund. I think the membership number quoted at this year’s annual meeting was 115. Five hundred households giving $10 a month will provide the core support needed to ensure the park can open in April and will give the SCC coffers enough to allow the board to build on your support to find sustainable options for both the park and the building. Having 500 households involved in the club would also provide a much-needed volunteer force to take on the club’s many activities.

My membership renewal is in February, but I’m renewing today and sending the club a check for $500 as a business partner. I invite you to visit www.shepherdstowncc.org to find out more about the club. The online membership form isn’t set up to take donations yet. Please join me and mail your check today to the Shepherdstown Community Club, P.O. Box 463, Shepherdstown, WV 25443.

Karen Hacker Kinnett, CPA, of Shepherdstown