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Keeping our children safe

By Staff | Apr 10, 2020

Morgan’s Grove Park is owned by the Shepherdstown Community Club. Groups of volunteers raise money to keep this park operating. We have house tours, book sales and community dinners. The fundraising takes work. In addition, we have volunteers that help to maintain the park. Volunteers come and clean gutters, remove trash, clean the stream and more. Volunteers are always needed. Donations are also welcome at P.O. Box 463, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 or 304-876-3323.

The governor of our state issued a bill telling parks to close their playgrounds. We do not have any staff on-site who could safely wipe down all the surfaces after each child played on it. We had no choice, but to tape off the playground. We are trying to keep your children safe.

We are trying to keep the community safe, while still having the park available for people to enjoy some outdoor exercise. You can still walk the trail. You can still enjoy a picnic. You can bring a soccer ball and kick it around in the wide open grassy fields. Spring is a wonderful time to watch the birds from a park bench. Come and have fun, but safely at a distance!

Thanks for understanding.

Jennifer Wabnitz

Shepherdstown Community Club president