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Thanking the town for stepping up

By Staff | Jun 12, 2020

The mayor and the town leadership need thanked for all the jawboning of leading civic organizations and influential institutions for the letter writing campaign for the governor that secured the $500,000 to build the walking path from town to Morgan’s Grove Park. That’s half a million dollars, folks.

Maybe thank them directly, with snail mail or email saying that you are ready to write letters and support efforts to do things or secure help for the rest of Shepherdstown. You are ready to do what you can to help. We will be a different kind of ghost town if they do not survive.

Let the mayor and the town council know how many would step up. We are learning every day what concentrated individual action multiplied can do to change things. Email any and all and everyone likes getting a real letter.

Mark Kohut, of Shepherdstown