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No need to fix what ain’t broke in Shepherdstown mayoral race

By Staff | Jul 17, 2020

As voting for Shepherdstown mayor comes to a crescendo on July 21, Shepherdstown has a choice between two candidates.

For me, incumbent Jim Auxer has served the city well since 2008 (and 2000-2004 before that). His commitment to Shepherdstown’s ever-evolving infrastructure, small-business needs, water and sanitation, tourism and even the many ongoing beautification projects that keep the downtown area both attractive and engaging, enhance an already robust resume for a man whose genuine love and care for Shepherdstown is apparent within minutes of striking up a conversation with him. Additionally, Auxer’s recent and current handling of COVID-19 through work with the Shepherdstown Town Council, as well as colleagues on the local and state level, has been nothing short of excellent.

Not to diminish any qualifications, both personal and professional, another candidate might possess, but Shepherdstown is in good hands with Mayor Jim Auxer, and I see no reason to fix what ain’t broke.

Michael Chalmers, of Shepherdstown