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Post-election hopes

By Staff | Jul 24, 2020

This letter is being written before the Shepherdstown elections have finished. But, those who know of the strong early voting turnout indicate that the total vote will be the largest in anyone’s memory.

Which means we, the people, have won no matter the real winners. Our representatives.

We must continue to push our elected leaders, new and old, to make Shepherdstown the town we want it to be and not the town the mayor and council want to keep shrinking it to fit. Remember that movie? Simple postcards available anywhere, including at the post office, direct emails to the mayor and the town council members and a weekly phone call expressing our hopes, can steadily, consciously show them what this town should be.

I propose that the first thing we overwhelmingly tell them we want, are town meetings open to questions from us, the town residents. Right now, none can be asked on Zoom. And meetings in any closed environment is dangerous and therefore excludes those who are taking care—for others and themselves.

A minimum open democracy request for our municipality, don’t you think? Tell them.

Mark Kohut, of Shepherdstown

Editor’s note: Questions for town council meetings on Zoom have been requested to be submitted before the meeting, to be addressed during the public comment portion of the meeting.