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1.8 million solar panels in Jefferson County?

By Staff | Aug 14, 2020

Construction is underway in Spotsylvania County, Virginia of a commercial solar facility consisting of 1.8 million solar panels on several tracts of land totaling 6,300 acres. Is Jefferson County next? Yes, according to the actions of the Jefferson County Planning Commission!

Without proper legal notice, the Jefferson County Planning Commission adopted an amendment to the county zoning ordinance allowing commercial solar facilities in 75 percent of the county as a matter of right (principal use). In addition to local agricultural lands, the adopted amendment now includes the Residential Growth District, upon the motion of Wade Louthan, where solar panels may be placed.

The Residential Growth District includes, near Charles Town: Davenport and cold storage lands between Route 51 and Summit Point Road to Tuscawilla Hills; the old Dailey farm between St. James Catholic Church and Kabletown Road and from old Route 9 to Eastland Subdivision; both sides of old Route 340 from Charles Town to Page Jackson School; the former Ramey land at intersection of Route 340 and Country Club Road; and lands between Country Club Road and Route 230.

Near Shepherdstown, the Residential Growth District includes: both sides of Route 45 west from town to the county line; the triangle area between the bypass and Route 45 and Route 480; and the lands between Route 480 and Route 230.

Will the Jefferson County Commission stop this madness? At the commission’s last meeting, it rejected a motion to return the amendment to the planning commission, but instead voted to hold a public workshop at a time and place to be determined. Will citizens be allowed to make oral presentations?

It is time for you to get involved!

Contact your elected officials: Jane Tabb at vinemont.farm@gmail.com, Patsy Noland at commissionerpnoland@gmail.com, Josh Compton at jcompton05@gmail.com, Ralph Lorenzetti at rlorenzetti@jeffersoncountywv.org and Caleb Hudson at calebhudsonforjeffersonwv@gmail.com.

Bob Aitcheson and Doug Rockwell, of Charles Town