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Replacing an ineffective representative

By Staff | Aug 21, 2020

So far in this state congress (116th), Alex Mooney has sponsored or co-sponsored 341 bills. That sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But it isn’t! All but 15 did not proceed beyond being introduced (i.e. 95.6 percent did not receive any action).

Of the ones that went beyond just being introduced, one was a resolution that was agreed to in the House of Delegates; 10 passed the House, with all but three having so many co-sponsors that their passing was a given; and only four became law (again with so many co-sponsors that the passing was a given).

If someone had this kind of record playing the horses at Charles Town Races, you would encourage them to quit.

That is what I am encouraging Alex Mooney to do as well. We need a representative who is better able to rally other representatives to agree to legislation and get it into law. Sponsoring a bill that gets no action doesn’t help us — passing a law does.

Cathy Kunkel’s beliefs and values are in tune with the needs of West Virginians today and with the majority of other representatives as well. She will be able to achieve results for us.

Dale Smythe, of Harpers Ferry