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A virtual applause for county polling measures

By Staff | Nov 13, 2020

Throughout this pandemic, I’ve felt my heart swell with admiration and appreciation each time our citizens have applauded the tireless efforts of the first responders. When the throngs of people cheered loudly for our medical personnel in gratitude for their exhausting work hours and personal sacrifices, I wept with compassion. And so, after having completed early voting this week, I felt it proper to congratulate the Jefferson County leadership for their incredibly safe and organized efforts to ensure that we citizens could exercise our right to vote under these very trying circumstances.

After two hours in line, I did not witness a single voter without a face mask. For that, I thank you! But the security staff were kind and thoughtful to those of us in line. The process was well thought out and took advantage of social distancing, as well as creature comforts. The registration staff operated so efficiently and the line flow went smoothly, while protecting both the staff and the voters. Once inside the voting area, the voting process was clearly explained to us and sanitizer was readily available. The poll assistants (properly protected) took the time to demonstrate each action required of us in the kindest possible manner, while remaining nearby to answer any question we might have had. They were friendly, smiling and courteous.

I was so impressed with the voting machines, and hasten to congratulate our commissioners, who understand the need to make this as seamless as possible, and who authorized the expenditures that made those machines and people function like a well-oiled holistic system. I left the polls thinking how good it felt that my tax dollars were put to such efficient use.

So, I hope you can hear my virtual applause, meant for the employees of Jefferson County, who functioned as my community partners in allowing me to make my voice heard in this very essential election!

Lori Kelly, of Shepherdstown