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Response to ‘Defund the Police’ column

By Staff | Jan 8, 2021

I just read John Doyle’s column in the January 1 edition of The Shepherdstown Chronicle, “Defund the Police? Really?” I have decided to write to express how grateful I am for a delegate to our West Virginia Legislature who is such a good writer, thinker, researcher and historian and who cares enough to keep us in the loop regarding what’s happening in our legislature. Every week he reports, and his columns are clear and easy to understand; I value these reports very much.

I wish this recent column could be published in every paper in the U.S., because it clears the muddy waters of our thinking and our reactions to police brutality, violence and racism. Thank you, John, and thanks to The Shepherdstown Chronicle for this weekly column.

Terry Tucker, of Shepherdstown