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Regarding article on town’s new email list

By Staff | Mar 5, 2021

I appreciate the article in The Shepherdstown Chronicle’s Feb. 26 issue, concerning Shepherdstown’s new email list as a vehicle for helping the Town Council communicate more efficiently with residents.

I’d like to point out one important thing that was not covered in the article. The most direct way to sign up for the list is to go to the Town’s website, at www.shepherdstown.us. At the top of the home page, you will see an orange tinted box labeled “Town Email List.” Simply click on that box, and you will be brought to the sign up form.

As the article states, it is also okay to contact our town clerk (Amy Boyd), but the digital access is the quickest and most direct way to join up.

We are hoping that many residents sign up, as it will allow town government to more easily keep everyone informed about meetings, immediate or urgent issues and upcoming town-sponsored events. And, please be assured that the list will not be used to promote any business or personal messages — we are simply looking to enhance our capacity to send town related information to residents in an efficient and effective manner.

Marty Amerikaner, Shepherdstown Town Council member