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West Virginia travels south

April 4, 2014 The $29 fish tacos were seriously overpriced. But the view was priceless, so the cost was worth the expense. The tacos were served to us at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Fl. more »»

Danger, thy name is Squirrel

March 7, 2014 There was danger at the White House. more »»

It will be okay to taste the water

February 7, 2014 Pity the organizers of the annual International Water Tasting Competition in Berkeley Springs. This is not the year I’d want to be behind an event in West Virginia that’s based on water purity. more »»

The cucumber martini

January 6, 2014 The vanguard for creativity these days in the culinary world is behind the bar. more »»

Thanksgiving at our house

December 6, 2013 My house is a disheveled mess From twenty-one Thanksgiving guests Our son from college Seat of knowledge I love it, I really must confess But now the cleaning up must start This is not my favorit... more »»

Celebrating fall in many ways

November 1, 2013 My out-of-town guests brought me a pumpkin. more »»

Foods for fun, flavor and family

September 6, 2013 My sister-in-law told me to call this column, “The Donut Dance.” But it could just as easily be Potato Chip Polka, Caramel Corn Can-can or Frozen Custard Fandango. more »»

A glimpse into the future...a glance into the past

August 2, 2013 Soon I will be on our annual family vacation at the beach, made more significant this year because my son is bringing his girlfriend of two years. more »»

Some “Taste”-y recipes

July 5, 2013 Fortunately, it is not possible to gain weight simply from reading recipes. If it were, my girth would be expanding daily, hourly, by the minute, from the recipes folks are posting on Facebook. more »»

Herbal and floral remedies researched

June 7, 2013 My kitchen counter recently became home to a small arsenal of remedies in tiny, stoppered bottle. more »»

Cherry Lovers...Mine, all Mine!

April 5, 2013 “Write about chocolate,” my mother says. “It’s therapeutic. The darker, the better.” Of course, she’s right. more »»

A day at the livestock auction

March 4, 2013 The men in their dusty tractor hats and worn work clothes barely look up when I enter the lunchroom at the Virginia Livestock Exchange, a seven-acre anachronism snugged between the highway and the... more »»

Drinking through the flavors

February 1, 2013 When my husband’s drink arrived, it was as golden as a Caribbean sunset, with three tart, vibrantly red cranberries suspended in it and a sprig of sturdy, green rosemary as a garnis. more »»

A dog's life isn't all that bad

December 7, 2012 Today I was supposed to have lunch with my smart friend, Hannah. more »»

Tom Frerotte is a pie guy

November 2, 2012 Beginning as a bakery apprentice at the age of 15, Frerotte has been mixing, kneading, rolling, filling, crimping and topping for more than half of his life. more »»

Simple joy found at Fiddle Lake Farm

October 5, 2012 Three hundred miles north along I-81, deep autumn has already taken hold. more »»

Pumpkins served a number of ways

September 8, 2012 A pumpkin can do many things. Scoop it out and take a knife to its thick, fleshy rind in October and the result is a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. more »»

Delicious deliveries at my door

August 3, 2012 For a couple of weeks now, I have been acutely attuned to the sound of the UPS truck motoring down my stree. more »»

Running the gamut at Wildwoods

July 6, 2012 I think I was born hungry. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t seduced by the pleasures of food in all its variety. more »»

Surprise in the form of potato salad

June 1, 2012 There is a moment of balance that occurs at some point in raising a child, when he is immature and snotty, and adult and thoughtful in equal measure. more »»



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