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Sullivan keeps getting noticed by Eagles

By Staff | Aug 17, 2018

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Even though they are the reigning world champions of the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t standing still when it comes to improving their roster.

Late-season injuries jumbled the roster toward the end of the 2017 regular season and into the playoffs.

Carson Wentz went out. Yet the Eagles had Nick Foles to put his finger in the dike, and the Super Bowl was won.

Far from the spotlight of on-field happenings, former Shepherd safety Tre Sullivan, an undrafted free agent signed to the practice squad, was injured and waived during the regular season.

But in Nov. 2017, Sullivan was signed again by the Eagles, and once more placed on the practice squad. He remained on that unit as the Eagles roared through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl.

When it came to firming its roster for this season, Sullivan was signed again.

His life expectancy with the Eagles has gained considerable traction, as the pre-season practices have moved along.

A look at the Philadelphia depth chart has Sullivan listed behind the two starters and newly-acquired Corey Graham. That makes him a second-teamer.

If Sullivan does make the regular season roster, his place on the squad will probably come because the Eagles have plans for him on some special teams.

Sullivan makes player personnel types in the front office as well as on-field assistant coaches take notice with his bone-rattling hits when tackling. Sullivan has a way of giving photographic memories to talent evaluators when he collides with a receiver at the same time a pass arrives.

It is expected the Eagles will keep at least four safeties when the regular season begins.

Philadelphia has to earn its stripes again this year. The team is guaranteed nothing, except that it will see an extra effort from anybody wanting to knock off the defending champions.

As an undrafted free agent, Sullivan was guaranteed nothing, except that nobody cared where he played college football or if he was in training camp with no big-school credentials.

Special teams could be where Sullivan can show his aggressiveness and tackling skills.

Philadelphia only wants to show improvement and stay ahead of the baying pack. The Eagles could care less if they show improvement by using a free agent from a Division II school.