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No mistaking the elegant look of the thoroughbred

By Staff | Jul 19, 2019

Thoroughbreds can be recognized by their long, lean necks and chiseled heads. Courtesy photo

SHEPHERDSTOWN — The widely spaced eyes that some say have the “look of eagles.”

The broad chest and ribbon lean body. Those lengthy and bone-hugging muscles.

Regal is the head — shaped and refined as if sculpted by a Flemish master — a conformation boldly showing a power-train of a body and trim athletic engine.

Lean muscle everywhere from stem to stern.

A set of power-laden hindquarter muscles.

An evenly-arced back that easily supports 110-pounds of rider.

Long, clean necks.

When seen from straight in front and in full flight, the look of a piston-driven machine that is penny-bright and has the expensive look of copperware kitchen utensils.

The long sloping shoulders dipping downward to the clean legs, which can be adorned with white stockings or white socks.

A shining coat of satin-smooth hair revealing a healthy animal, who will show you stamina, courage, energy and strength.

Graceful as a soaring bird of prey. More rhythm than Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers as they danced through the night.

Mostly people-oriented, unless carelessly treated as an all-legs youngster.

Same sages say they are “born to run.”

Elegant as a sunset on a Caribbean beach. As loved as ice cream at the end of a meal of homegrown tomatoes, silver queen corn and just-ripe watermelon.

Whether chestnut, bay, roan, grey or chocolate-colored, cherished by those aged two to 102.

Sometimes running with all four feet off the ground, the 1,000-pound thoroughbred is a sight that can bring tears to the most cynical pair of eyes.

Thoroughbreds — the toast of sports.