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A local Senior Olympian

By Staff | Oct 4, 2013

A local man took home the silver at a recent Senior Olympic event as part of statewide senior basketball team.

At almost 84-years-old, Conrad Hammann said he stays in pretty good shape after many years on the court.

“I’ve played since 1939, when I was in the fifth grade,” he said.

An avid sports enthusiast throughout his life, Hammann described the old community pick up games he played around Shepherdstown, even joining a local community team for a brief period in the 50s.

Ive always fooled around whenever there was a team, he said.

“I really never got out of shape.”

A veteran, serving as an officer in the Navy, Hammann has traveled far and wide, though hes originally from Berkeley County.

A resident of Shepherdstown for many years, Hammann has been playing with the same teammates from all over the state, since 1994.

“We competed together for the past 20 years,” he said.

Hammann said he was shocked to come home a winner this year after getting off to a rough start at Cleveland, Ohio’s senior games.

He said the team had lost three games in a row and had spent much of their week in Cleveland sightseeing and enjoying their time together, expecting to go home early.

“We had a good social time,” he said.

In a fortuitous turn of events the team found its way into a series of medal- qualifying matches, ultimately winning the silver.

“I thought it was quite a surprise,” he said.

With many members of the group now well into their 80s, Hammann says he’ll likely retire form the world of senior sports with his two good knees still intact.

“I think this was my last hurrah,” he said.

Hammann’s team competed in the 80 and above age category of the senior games, after winning a qualifying competition held at the state level.

Find out more information about the Senior Olympic games by visiting www.nsga.com.