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Easy livin’ fishing/boating from Snyder’s Landing

By Staff | Jun 27, 2016

They’ll quickly disappear.

Time never stands still… and the summer months have the highest-disappearance rate of any of the quickly-gone days found in our lives.

Finding an “easy-livin'” day is hard to come by, but it’s possible to use such a nugget to our advantage.

The Potomac River has a nice flow to it this week. There has been enough rain — especially after last Thursday’s late afternoon drenching a cool front brought with it — that life on the river is in full flower.

The water’s temperature is still manageable and sport fishing for the smallmouth bass, brightly colored “sunnies” and scrappy catfish is about as tempting as it will be from now until late August.

Find yourself just across the river near Sharpsburg at Snyder’s Landing.

Snyder’s Landing is easily accessible from Sharpsburg by taking Snyder’s Landing Road from the west side of town.

It’s just a short haul to the government-maintained spot. The paved parking lot has 10 spaces waiting the fun-seekers and their vehicles. There is a clean restroom built by the C&O Canal Park Service bureau. A paved surface allows those with boats to put them in the water where a gentle slope leads to the river itself.

The water level is conducive to boat launches and is flat and calm for hundreds of yards upstream, ideal fishing for novices, children and anybody interested in just tempting the fish with crankbaits, small lures and especially earthworms dug up from an area where the darkly colored topsoil stays damp.

People actually can wade out into the river for 25-35 yards and cast out their lines because the river is only three-feet deep in some places that far away from the bank.

Youngsters could cast their lines from the very end of the paved surface if that is what was wanted by parents.

A lazy/hazy float trip down river to Shepherdstown has been the highlight of many a summer for father and son or father and daughter.

It’s about five smile-producing miles down river to the Shepherdstown launch/ landing at the end of North Princess Street.

Finding a level and acceptable place on the Maryland side of the river bank to tie up for a lunch break or short respite to see what the C&O Canal towpath offers is convenient enough. The West Virginia side also has spots where resting or eating some sandwiches, fried chicken or summer salad is comfortable enough.

Wildlife will fly overhead, scramble along the river’s bank or be seen drinking from the edges as you do your leisurely fishing.

Shade can be provided by tree-lined shores all along the trip. Some of the best action-filled holes where fish gather on a sun-filled day can be found near the shorelines.

Drifting along the river toward Shepherdstown can be as relaxing or as full of constant fish-chasing fun as the fishermen want.

Should the sportsman park his vehicle in one of the 10 spots and want to return to Snyder’s Landing, getting off the river is also convenient.

Summer is here. But if past history wants to repeat itself it won’t be here for long.

Take the short trip over to Snyder’s Landing and put the brakes on the headlong rush summer takes to fall.

You’ll enjoy yourself . . . and know where to do it again when the fleeting days of the 2017 summer come careening through again.