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McDonald activated to Colts roster

By Staff | Oct 3, 2014

It wasn’t too long ago that Dewey McDonald said he was one step away from the dream. That final step came Monday when he was activated to the Indianapolis Colts’ 53-man roster.

“(It’s) definitely an honor. It’s definitely a blessing,” McDonald said. “Honestly, I just can’t think of any other words but blessing.”

McDonald joins the team just as the Colts are hitting their stride this season, picking up two division wins after dropping their first two games.

“That’s just icing on the cake, especially it being two division wins,” he said.

The first people McDonald called was his mom, dad and brother, knowing they’d all be proud to hear the news.

“I asked my mom was she sitting down,” McDonald said, adding he heard she stood up and sat back down when she learned he’d been activated. “They’re all pretty excited.”

McDonald’s key to success was never acting like he was a practice squad player. He treated every practice as if he were on the active roster, knowing if he were going to be successful with the Colts, he’d have to be prepared. He studied notes and film, asking questions and paying attention during practice.

“Practice, it can be pretty easy to get lost,” he said. “Pre-snap and post-snap, I’m going to be like I’ve been a starter since Day 1. I was always preparing like I was on the 53-man roster. I definitely think it’ll be a different environment on the field.”

McDonald was in a meeting when he received the news. He said his special teams teammates were happy for him.

“This organization is great coming to that: vets bonding with younger guys,” he said.

While McDonald is excited to represent the blue and white come Sunday, he’s also happy to be representing the places he’s come from, the places who have made him who he is, when he puts on the Colts uniform.

“It feels good to be that guy to represent your university. It’s definitely an honor,” he said. “(Being a small-school player) that’s definitely a stigma. I’ll always be a small-school guy. That’s more motivation.”

Not only will McDonald be representing Fairmont State and California University of Pennsylvania, he’ll be representing Jefferson High. The former Cougar is excited to set an example for young football players around the area.

“Now, especially since I’ve been activated, it’s a great opportunity for me to build by platform and reach back to Jefferson and all the kids in the Eastern Panhandle,” McDonald said.

Now that McDonald’s fulfilled his dream of being an active player for the Colts, he’s already preparing for his next dream.

“There’s always more steps. Now (it’s) definitely becoming a starter, staying activated and staying in the league,” he said. “It’s in my hands to control. There’s definitely a chance for growth and development. There’s room for development.”

As McDonald walked beside the tunnel at Lucas Oil Stadium for practice recently, he found himself with goosebumps, thinking about the future.

“You gotta be running out this tunnel someday soon,” he said he told himself.

Sunday will be his chance as the Colts host the Baltimore Ravens.