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Thanksgiving at our house

By Staff | Dec 6, 2013

My house is a disheveled mess

From twenty-one Thanksgiving guests

Our son from college

Seat of knowledge

I love it, I really must confess

But now the cleaning up must start

This is not my favorite part

In the trash

Something’s mashed

And ughit’s awful, smelling tart.

Leftovers from our holiday

What to do? What to save?

The fridge is bloated


What flavors will my family crave?

The turkey bones go in the pot.

Add some water, make it hot.

I’m making stock,

It’s gonna rock.

Soon I’ll cook with it a lot.

Better eat the veggies fast.

Do not wait, they won’t last.

They turn furry

In a hurry

And take on a grayish cast.

Half-open bottle of red wine

Goes in the stock and tastes just fine.

Pour it in.

It’s no sin.

Deep bodied, it will be divine.

The sweet potatoes mama brought

Are only good when piping hot.

So we’ll save them,

Microwave them,

Eat them steaming from the pot.

Some leftovers just have had it.

You really cannot reuse salad.

It gets icky,

And I’m picky.

Wilted salad isn’t valid.

I sent the pies home with my friend,

Else eat them, and widen my rear end.

They tasted good,

I knew they would.

My diet doesn’t understand.

Scrape the cornbread dressing pan.

Cover what’s left with Saran.

It’s so yummy

In the tummy,

I’ll eat up every bit I can.

The relishes from cranberries

Are health food for our old bodies.

Better than docs

Are antiox

idants and vitamins, like Cs.

My sister made the green bean dish

With fried onions, it’s delish.

I get too full,

It’s annual.

I try not to be too piggish.

The cider sitting in the jug

Is hardening into a drug.


It has the knack

Of snockering the ones who chug.

The fridge is emptying at last.

Keep eating all that we’ve amassed.

Thanksgiving food

Is so good,

Our yearly bounteous repast.