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We do like our drinks

By Staff | Aug 5, 2016

The laziest feeling I know is the one that envelops me after a day at the edge of the ocean. The feeling that creeps up after becoming semi-hypnotized, with my chair positioned precisely to enjoy the advance and retreat of water at my feet. The feeling of natural anesthesia produced by hearing the susurrus of ocean waves. The feeling of descending into a nap after reading just enough of my book to become sleepy.

But especially, the feeling of refreshment, after my sandy, salty bathing suit is peeled off and I am showered and dressed, and advancing toward a beverage.

Our family beach photos feature still lives of lovely concoctions, placed just so on our deck railing, with the ocean view behind them. Composed photos of two mixed drinks, standing in for two people who are enjoying their beach vacation. We like our drinks.

Vodka and grapefruit juice, over ice in a tall glass, is a perpetual standby. Float a shot of cranberry juice on top and you have a gorgeous and tasty drink that’s a lovely as a sunset.

The Moscow Mule, a mixture of vodka, ginger beer and lime, is a fine refreshment. And anyone who’s ever enjoyed a mojito knows that rum, simple syrup, lime and muddled mint become transcendent when a shot of fizzy water is added to the mix.

Of course, blender drinks are the essence of summer vacation. Coconut cream, pineapple juice, rum, ice whiz!

There are uncountable recipes for sangria. Some of them are complicated formulas that involve lots of ingredients. Most every home bartender has a bottle of brandy or triple sec on a shelf gathering dust, from a one-time sangria experiment that called for it. But I have a no-fail recipe that uses only two ingredients (plus fresh fruit), and leaves no leftovers.

It’s so stupid-simple, you can mix it up in a minute. And believe me, I have, for parties at which it was consumed nearly as fast as I made it.

The recipe is a one-to-one ratio of kosher wine and cheap white chardonnay. Get a bottle of Manieschewitz – I like the blackberry variety, but regular grape wine works just fine. Then grab a bottle of the least expensive, on-sale, dry white wine in the store.

Better yet, get two of each. You’ll want to make seconds.

Then, find your fruit. Whatever looks good. I’ve used apples, oranges, limes, strawberries. You needn’t get exotic.

Slice the fruit and put it in a pitcher, then pour in the entire bottle of Manieshewitz and the entire bottle of white wine. Give it a mix and put it in the fridge.

To serve, put ice in a tall glass, dip out a couple of pieces of fruit from the pitcher and add them, and pour the sangria over all. Add a drinking straw.

That’s it. And the good news is that you’ll still have some of the pitcher left, so you won’t need to start mixing again when your glass is drained and ready to refill.

Imbibe responsibly. This sangria recipe won’t taste powerful, but it’s all wine. So, don’t hurt yourself.