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From LA to Miami Beach sharing the Joy of Health

By Staff | Feb 24, 2017

Cops and firefighters die young, and not from accidents and shootings. It should not be that way. Los Angeles (or anywhere else) is not LA LA Land for First Responders. I had the privilege of addressing a large group of Los Angeles Law Enforcement officers last month and our agenda for the full day summit at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center revolved around restoring health in a group that suffers early heart disease and death.

This article by Dr. Jonathan Sheinberg a Cardiologist and a Police Officer spells it out


Firefighters suffer the same fate of early heart disease and early death. These officers on average enjoy only five years of retirement pension before they succumb to heart disease. No wonder they have good pensions, it’s a safe bet it will have short term payout.

Police and firefighters are the most obese professions with 80 percent being overweight and 40 percent obese. The high stress lifestyle, altered sleep cycles, food around the station and no kidding free soda 24/7 at all convenience stores (they have to pay for water) all contribute to the body type and increased risk.

Together with colleagues in the medical and law enforcement world we hope to make change. We are teaching the earliest signs of insulin resistance which eventually will manifest as pre-Diabetes and Diabetes and other chronic inflammatory illnesses like heart disease which put officers at extreme risk on and off the job.

Standard cholesterol panels are blunt tools and miss many at risk. We are encouraging early testing with NMR Lipid profiles (far superior to standard cholesterol panels). Do you know your LDL particle number and size? If you have any early evidence of metabolic disease you should. Yes even the little “beer belly” is a sign. The five features of the metabolic syndrome are high blood pressure, weight on the middle, low HDL (150), and fasting sugar >100.

Diabetes is reversible! Do not listen to the American Diabetes Association. According to the experts in this group it is progressive illness. Several ffficers took the stage to share their stories of reversal with Low Carb Healthy Fat strategy.

After LA, I took an overnight flight to Miami to address the Physicians for Ancestral Health as a keynote with Dr. Ron Rosedale, a pioneer in aging , health, and nutrition. ancestraldoctors.org/.

Dr. Rosedale said this as a summary “Your health and likely your lifespan will be determined by the proportion of fat vs sugar you burn over a lifetime.” From what I observe he is correct. This is 30 plus years of research for Dr. Rosedale to come to this conclusion. We have it easier with doctors like him doing the heavy lifting and challenging beliefs and dogma.

My topic was “The Medical Home’s Backyard”- a story about all the community activity in our region supporting health. I have many to thank for the programs and changes toward healthier living happening here. Create a healthier backyard in your community!